Reason enough?


Much like Fist Aid, isn’t it? How many times do we ask ourselves at least one of these questions? I did. Well Of course I was worried about my safety while administering First Aid; I was worried about my interest and yeah! I took solace in the fact that I have seen no one (at least in India) do it. I took ages to understand that how wrong I was by Not doing what is RIGHT! Lemme save You some time:

1. So is it safe? I agree in all humility that First aid is after all a Skill and there are designated people (nurses, ambulance staff etc) to do it. But, honestly, what special skills do we think we need to learn a simple CPR or perform chest compressions or tie a tourniquet or even call Emergency services (that is a part of first aid all the same)? If still worried, don’t you think it would be a good idea to attend a humble first aid session with some NGO rather than to leave a victim be. Don’t have time? We can carry a good First aid Manual with us. Just in case…

And Oh! by the way, according to the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, the person who looks after a victim, his Duty ends once he leaves the patient at the hospital- a step towards effecting Good Samaritan Laws.

2. Is it politic? Obsessed with our interest, Aren’t we? well. Good news. First Aid IS in fact in our interest, here’s how:
• It saves us from any repentance later that we could not help a known victim avoid a medical complication with timely first aid.
• It is a chain reaction, If we know about first aid, then administering it on someone we know will encourage him to learn first aid as well. In this fast paced life, with accidents rampant, it’s good to have many people around us who know first aid.

3. Is it popular? This is one question I have no choice but to answer in negative!

4. And last but not the least, why all this scribbling? Because administering First Aid is the Right thing to do. SO… I leave it on you to choose: either maintain a Status Quo OR bring about a change!

And if change is what you chose, find out about your city Traffic police established Road Safety Cells. Or get your hands on a good First Aid Manual, one that is crisp, to the point and pictorial like the one here:


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