The Secret of a Soldier


It seems the chaos will still continue,

so I stand before my mirror for a better view.

As I shed my layers, I notice peculiar signs;

scrupulous, whether they are satanic or divine.

My mind is a scrambled stockpile of sentiments several.

I am all of these at once- considerate, angry, cold & bestial.


When for hours on end I gaze and ponder

Over the man I’ve killed just yonder.

Had a little to the left he moved,

My shot would not have passed him through.

He would have seen peace all alive,

enjoying it with his children and his wife.


But then so could my friends, who are all now dead.

Shot right through, they were, in the heart and the head.

The fact that how dear they were to me

Fills me up with agony

Then I think of nothing else

& blindly fire bombs and shells.

For kill i must, if i don’t,

they will kill me, as is their wont.


The aim of my life suddenly becomes so apparent,

that I can not just rest before it is the end.

Even if I wait while I am alone,

sick of this incessant monotone;

I’ll get up again to kill and keep on marching forward

Till I am dead because I m not a Coward!


posted by Beyondpen for Daily Prompt: Secret of Success


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