General Knowledge of First Aid- A Glimpse

  • first-aid1What is first-aid? Well, it is exercising one’s knowledge about what to do when a dear one or any stranger is injured or an illness befalls suddenly and there is still time for the professional help to arrive. Right, but is it just about what to do?
  • What does it do: It promotes recovery and preserves life. Just That?
  • Why First-aid: because emergency in any form, can strike anyone, anytime. That’s it?
  • Who is it for? For the person who is stricken with an emergency. For just that person?

It is the answers to these questions that I thought I knew, before my emergency made me realize how little I really knew about First-aid. I am going to try answering them now.

So, what is First aid? Of course it is knowledge about what to do as primary care when a person is injured or ill. But what we ignore here, is in fact an important aspect of first-aid, which is understanding what NOT to do. This is because even if our intention is right, if we do whats not to be done, we May end up harming more than helping…

What does first-aid do? Apart from promoting recovery and preserving life, what it does is reassure that the patient is going to be fine. This reassurance will automatically be reflected in the first aid provider’s knowledge about all its elements. (about what to do as well as what Not to do).

Why do it At All? I am sure there are Many reasons, but in my capacity, lemme give you two:

  • It saves you from any repentance later on that you could not help a known victim avoid a medical complication with timely first aid.
  • It is a chain reaction, If you know about first aid, then administering it on someone you know will encourage him to learn first aid as well. In this fast paced life, with accidents rampant, god forbid anything should happen to you. It’s good to have many people around you who know first aid.

Who is it for? Trust me, it is for Everyone. I agree, in all humility, that it is after all a skill and requires specialized training (for example, there is a specialized First-aid training for nurses, hospital staff and ambulance staff). But all of us can surely and easily understand the simpler things required to be ready for an emergency befalling a known or an unknown person.

I would love to be wrong but I worry that a lot of us, especially in India, don’t even realize the importance of knowing first aid.

The book you are going to see below is an effort of by 2 Doctors in order to change that. The book is a result of the authors’ vast practical experiences in First Aid, working for one of the most humanitarian causes at the Indian Red Cross Society. It aims to reach out to the general public through its simple language and colored graphic illustrations in addressing issues ranging from minor bruises and burns to major Heart attacks.

You can take a peek inside the book in the images below. While you do that, please let us know your feedback.



5 thoughts on “General Knowledge of First Aid- A Glimpse

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    • First Aid is the Initial Care, usually in the initial 1 hour before a medical help arrives (called the golden hour) given to a patient when he/she just encounters an ailment or illness. So did something specific happen after the operation e.g. some complication after the patient was brought home?

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