He Stood Out

Ending yet another mundane day at work,
I took the bus home to Leisureville.
Thanks to a nasty traffic jam,
it turned out I had plenty of time to kill.

I reluctantly tried to gaze around
after my iPod battery died.
Looking at things but noticing nothing,
when something noteworthy caught my eye.

Pedestrians were jumping at this point on road
as if there was a spring.
Walking with a highly held head till that point
and then like kangaroos would start hopping.

After having laughed at it long enough,
I thought of examining the scene.
Took out my binoculars
and fixed on road my observation keen.

That’s when I saw a murky pit
right in the middle of it all.
They were jumping to avoid falling
Guess it wasn’t funny after all!

ImageJust then entered a blind man
strolling with his walking cane.
Everybody stopped, wondering how
will he save himself, given the constraint.

‘Tuck’ ‘Tuck’ sounded his cane on concrete
‘Ton’ ‘Ton’ it sounded on the pit!
So all this time the pit was covered by glass
and the blind man made us all realize it!

Posted in Daily Prompt- StandOut by Beyondpen


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