Ecstasy or Contrition- 1

tumblr_lonizmcg5H1qefrmxo1_1280I pictured the children playing with the Glittery sand.
Oh! how it enticed them like a gift from a faraway land.
They started to play, and the game hasn’t seemed to end.
As they are still living the curse of Chernobyl accident

That I was no different, fell upon me as an apocalypse.
But I couldn’t stop now; I already had blood on my lips.
I looked at the money; it was all over the floor.
The temptress, the seductress, the one night whore.

The thought that the truth will, one day, bare its fangs
was quickly shoved away, with both my hands.
The money the so-called ‘Haves’ have isn’t theirs too,
so what if it isn’t mine, it was My Tom it belonged to.

He had my love, but he did not have lives nine.
I was happy that the one he had, was all mine.
‘Was’ because he lives no more.
What I hear now, is curses galore.

3 bullets- that’s what they found inside his stomach
then looked for a possibility of theft, without any luck.
Please laugh, because I know its funny.
That they thought I killed him for money!

It took me hours, but convince them i did
that we were in love with details sordid.
It further confirmed my intentions loyal
that the money arrived after his life was over.

I surprised myself with the gig jim-dandy.
A li’l crying here and there must’ve come in handy.
I heaved a sigh and stepped out of hell;
A meticulous task! Congratulated myself!

© 2013 beyondpen


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